Why Crab Baskets Don’t Have a Lid?

How do we deal with crab basket syndrome?

2 min readNov 16, 2020


Come let me tell you a very familiar story. When a man walking on the beach approaches the fishing fisherman, he sees the crabs caught in the bucket. The top of the bucket is open, there is no cover. This situation surprises him because he thinks that the crabs might escape. He asks the fisherman this and gets the following answer: “Yes, if there many crabs when one tries to escape, the other catches it. The rest make sure they can’t escape and suffer the same fate. “ A crab alone can escape from the uncovered bucket. But as the number of crabs increases, escape becomes impossible. They block each other by pulling down instead of pushing up. In that nobody can win.

Your family members, colleagues, and other people around you may be causing you crab basket syndrome. There are people around you who want everyone to be as unhappy or unsuccessful as they are. Such people absorb your energy and always pull you down. You decide to lose weight, they sabotage you. When you take a course to learn a new language, they reduce your motivation.

Be aware of the situation and think about how much time you spend with whom. Are there such people around you? Don’t let the crabs distract you from your goals and dreams.

Famous writer Jim Rohn states:

Even if you are the smartest person in the world if your environment consists of mediocre and subordinate people, you cannot even maintain your level. We are the average of the five people we all spend time with.

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